Friday, 24 March 2017

Silver Cross Elegance

Silver Cross Elegance is a very popular model in the Silver Cross range. They seem to last a long time although most people tend to use these for newborns up to about 6 months of age and then change onto something smaller. I can't blame them really. The pram is absolutely beautiful to look at and the carrycot is very large and snug for a baby. The whole pushchair though is very big and bulky both to push and to transport. You do need a big car to travel with it and a lot of space at home to store it. My husband even joked I shouldn't bother folding it as it takes the same amount of space both up and down :) 
Anyway I wanted to show it to you as I was always curious about big coachbuilt prams myself and never had a chance to try one when my children were little. I bought the Elegance when my daughter was 2 so already at the max age for the pushchair really. She had little space to grow and didn't seem all that comfortable in the seat. The lack of swivel wheels was simply too much for me and my bad back but we did go on a long walk one winter day. The push on a normal straight pavement is fantastic. You can feel the suspension working with each step and it feels incredible. It made my daughter sleepy pretty much right away. Sadly every time you need to turn the pram or change the direction even a little you need to push on the handlebar and lift those fixed front wheels. This required a lot of effort on my part with my daughter parent facing and already quite a heavy toddler. The large air filled wheels can go anywhere though which is great for those long walks. 
I really wish I had one of these when my children were babies. I can imagine going on walks with them all snuggled up in the carrycot and napping peacefully. 
Take a look at the photos below and let me know if you've used a big pram like this for your child/ren and how did you find it?  


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