Saturday, 23 July 2016

Silver Cross Surf Elevation

This isn't a proper review as the Elevation is an older model of the Surf. I will write a normal review of the Surf 2 that I currently have here instead but I really wanted to show you this beauty :)
The Surf Elevation was the all terrain version of the Surf and with the jogging wheel it could tackle any terrain. The jogging wheel can still be bought for the newer Surf 2 and 3 which is great for those of you who like to walk off road a lot or jog with the little one.

Beautiful summer kit

Super compact folding chassis

Snug as a bug

With the jogging wheel

Went a little overboard and completely blocked the front wheels at a field lol

Not a huge fan of the SC raincovers as they steam up like crazy despite the ventilation holes.

Winter kit


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