Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Recaro Easylife

Recaro Easylife is the perfect holiday stroller! There! That's my review lol
But seriously...
What more could you want when travelling with a little one?!
A tiny, one hand fold. Very lightweight at just 5.7kg. A good size seat. A good harness. A great bumper bar. Decent shopping basket. One hand push. Sturdy frame. 
I've been looking for this for ages to be honest but I read some negative reviews that stated there was lots of play in the chassis of the Easylife due to how it folds and so I've been hesitant to spend money on one but I shouldn't have worried. My Easylife has the sturdiest frame ever, no play at all, it can even handle some shopping/bags hanging from the handlebar and still it's sturdy as ever!
The push is somewhat disappointing but only because I've never been a fan of double stroller wheels. There's not much of a suspension and those wheels can only get you certain places. It is very easy to take the child out, fold the Easylife with one hand and carry it over rougher terrains if need be. 
The basket is a bit on the small side but the fact there even is a basket is a huge bonus! 
I was surprised to find out the raincover wasn't included with the stroller but it seems to be a new norm these days. The additional bumper bar however is great to have and it even swings away. You don't have to remove it to fold the Easylife!
My daughter found the seat very comfortable although it is quite shallow to me. 
The harness is good but it's a shame there's only one height setting for the shoulder part. It should really be height adjustable if you ask me.
The canopy is very small and doesn't shade much so an additional sun shade would be good for those hot sunny days.
The handlebar is surprisingly high for a non adjustable one. I find it a great height but I'm 5'7 and I know a mum of shorter statue who found it very high. It is nice to see a high handlebar though because most of the other tiny folding pushchairs seem to have very low handles.
There is a recline on the seat. It's not a flat recline but it's more than enough for a toddler to have a nap.
The fold is super easy to do. It does only require one hand to do, unlike some where you can never master it like the demonstrators in manufacturer's videos. I found I need two hands to open the Easylife as you need to kind of shake it open for it to lock in place.  
All in all it's a beautiful, stylish, well made stroller with a tiny fold, a recline, a great size seat that will be the perfect addition to any family and on any holiday.

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