Saturday, 4 June 2016

Mothercare Xpedior

Mothercare Xpedior 3 wheel version is a travel system. It's normally sold as a 3-in-1 system so you buy the pushchair with seat that converts into a carrycot and a car seat. I can't comment on the car seat as it didn't come with my Xpedior but I know I wouldn't use a car seat that is a Mothercare own as they tend to be very cheap and barely pass crash tests. The pushchair itself was a pleasant surprise to me. I never had a Mothercare own brand and I was expecting it to be rather cheap/plasticky/badly made etc. It wasn't. The frame was nice and light, sturdy and easy to fold. The wheels are air tyres and give the pushchair a nice bounce. The front wheel is a double wheel and I have to say I'm not a fan of double wheels. It was very good to push on pavements and even on grass but the long wheelbase and double front wheel made it veer on a slope and it was a bit tippy (not too much though). I was very surprised at how big the shopping basket is. Ideal if you like shopping! As I mentioned the seat converts into a lie flat carrycot. There's a clip and a strap that need releasing and you have a full size carrycot, you even get a white inlay and apron so it looks like a proper carrycot. It's a lovely size for babies. My daughter was 11 months in the photos below. When used as a seat unit for older babies and toddlers unfortunately it's not so great. The seat back is an average height but the leg rest is very short. My daughter had very little room to grow in leg length and she wasn't even one. I doubt you'd fit a large 2 year old in this seat so I'd say this is a good pushchair from birth till walking when you can buy something smaller. The folded size is quite large and long and it is a 2 part fold. It's very easy to fold though and it's very light to carry. I have to say the special edition I had in khaki was very pleasing to look at. I loved the gold rose frame and the tan leatherette handlebar and bumper bar. All in all a very good purchase and if bought at the right price (Mothercare did have these on sale a while back :) ) it would be a great pram for any baby.


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