Thursday, 11 February 2016

Classic wooden doll pram

This wooden doll pram was a Christmas present for my little girl and quickly became a hit with both her and my older son. The pram was easy enough to assemble as I managed to do it myself and took me about half an hour to finish. The pram came with the little pink mattress as well. All it needed was a doll. I bought 2 little dolls, a baby boy and a baby girl ones from Zapf that fit in the pram very well. It's been a few weeks now and the pram is showing no wear or tear and is very often played with. I found it very sturdy when compared to others, especially plastic ones. It also seems easy to maneuver for the baby. The handlebar can be set in one of the two positions depending on the child's height. Overall we're all very pleased with the toy pram. It was definitely worth the money and I don't think it lacks anything that the more expensive doll prams have.


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Little girl, taking care. Great to see that.

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