Thursday, 4 February 2016

Baby Jogger City Versa GT

This isn't a proper review as I didn't keep the Baby Jogger City Versa GT. I really liked the standard Versa we had for a few weeks for our older son but didn't like how the wheels picked up little stones and made a lot of noise on wet pavements. I decided to try the GT version with the baby and see if that was better. I did like the wheels as they're forever air and a nice size. Unfortunately the Versa GT is not only heavier to lift than the standard Versa that I struggled with. The Versa GT is also heavier to push, a lot heavier. With a young baby in I had a hard time pushing the Versa GT with two hands not to mention one. I took it to the local park and it was such a hard push the baby got properly bounced around and didn't enjoy it in the slightest. I also remembered how big the seat on the standard Versa was for my then 3 year old. The Versa GT seat is exactly the same but I was disappointed to see how badly my baby fitted in it. The harness wouldn't go low or tight enough for her and she slumped in the wide seat. It's a great size for an older toddler but not so much for a young baby. If you're not bothered by the weight of the Versa GT then this is a great pushchair, I'm just a weakling I guess :)
Please take a look at my previous review with lots of photos of the standard Versa.

I used a Bugaboo Donkey hood with Donkey rods and clamps here 
as they fit the Versa and the Select perfectly.


JONY said...

good post1

Babyinform said...

Awesome post!There is a company in Canada that makes jogging strollers, but I forgot the name. At least it's North American. By the way, it's not Chariot, which claims to make some things in Canada. The Chariot Cougar is the only one I've found, and it's made in China.Thanks1 said...

Awesome post! i am looking at the Baby Jogger double strollers, for light walking on and off road, vacations etc. with our 17 month old twins. We like the City Elite's features but it seems heavy at 38lbs. Anyone have any experience with it vs the City Classic.... For more information click here. Thanks!

Milena Jaros said...

I have no personal experience with double pushchairs but you can't really go wrong with a Baby Jogger! Look at the City Mini GT double perhaps or if available (isn't here in the UK) the Summit double.

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