Thursday, 29 October 2015

- the safe car seat footmuff

With winter well on the way I thought I could show you one of the best things you can buy for your baby to use in the car! It's a Morrck footmuff! It's basically a thin fleece wrap with openings for a harness. What's so special about it then? It fits in all infant car seats without compromising the baby's safety. It's thin enough to not change the fitting of the harness and the top wraps around the baby after you've tightened the harness. Absolutely brilliant and a must-have for all winter babies. The Morrck footmuff makes it easy to keep the baby warm outside but cool indoors as you can just unwrap the top parts of the Morrck so the baby doesn't overheat. No need for snowsuits! It's also the only after market car seat footmuff I know of that has been crash tested. The Moorck comes in many beautiful colours. Have a look on their website for more details

A friend of mine wrote a fantastic piece on the importance of harnessing your child correctly. You can read it here 


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