Saturday, 24 October 2015

Joie Litetrax - photos

I have only used the Joie Litetrax once so I'm not in a position to write a proper review of it. I can tell you that it's definitely great value for money. For about £170 you get a proper full size pushchair with huge seat, massive canopy, raincover, bumper bar and footmuff! It also boasts a one hand pull fold with automatic lock. The handlebar is very comfortable and the Litetrax feels easy to push one handed although it was a little sluggish when cornering. The leg rest is adjustable so perfect for little ones. The seat has a full flat recline. Joie Litetrax is advertised as from birth but I honestly wouldn't recommend it to be used as such unless with a car seat. The harness on smallest setting was huge and wouldn't hold my 11 month old in the seat. As this is a safety issue for me I didn't use it again. One more disappointment is the shopping basket, it looks big and deep but is very hard to access with the seat in upright position and there's zero access when the seat is reclined so you can't even get the raincover out! Another small problem (easily rectified) is that the raincover is framed which means it sits on the pushchair very nicely but you can't fold it small. It's easy enough to buy a universal raincover though but it's obviously an extra expense. The Joie Litetrax comes as a 3 or 4 wheeler. The 3 wheeler I had has a double wheel at the front and I'm really not a fan of those. All 3/4 wheels are hard rubber, they're not as noisy as some but they don't cushion the ride either so it can get a bit bumpy :) The bumper bar is fixed and could be easier to put on/take off if I'm honest. I also found that if not careful you could hurt your wrist when folding the Litetrax with the bumper bar in situ. The Litetrax will freestand when folded which is great when space is an issue. The brake is easy to use and very effective. My overall feeling is that it's a very nice stroller for toddlers, compact but with a full size seat and all the features you might need.


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