Saturday, 18 July 2015

BeSafe izi Go Lassig

Here's my baby's beautiful limited edition car seat!
It's a BeSafe izi Go by Lassig

It's a group 0+ car seat from birth to 13 kg or roughly 15 months of age

It comes with removable infant inserts and a height adjustable 5 point harness

The limited edition comes with a matching changing bag with lots of accessories

installed with the car's 3-point seat belt in a BMW 5 series F10

Here's my baby in the car seat at 3 days old

3 weeks old

8 months old. I've removed the second part of the infant insert only last week. She still has one more harness height position to grow into and lots of room until her head reaches the top of the seat shell.

My baby is 8 months old now and still very comfortable in the izi Go. She has lots of room left even though she's very long.
We're very happy with our choice of a car seat as it's one of the safest seats on the market and is very easy to use.
The BeSafe izi Go car seat can be used on lots of different pushchairs as it uses the 'universal' Maxi Cosi adapters.

I'd like to remind my lovely readers that just because a car seat fits on a pushchair frame doesn't mean you can use it as a replacement for a lie flat seat or carrycot. Car seats should only be used for babies for a maximum of 2 hours at a time from the moment you place the baby in the seat until you take them out. Yes, it's convenient for popping into store or for school runs but please remember regular upright car seats are not safe for babies for prolonged periods of time. There is more lie flat seats available on the market now for those parents who know they'll be in and out of the car a lot with their babies. 

More information and instructional videos here.

You can order a BeSafe car seat from major stores or an independent retailer like my personal favourite Rear Facing Toddlers.

This is my own car seat.


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