Sunday, 3 August 2014


I had the opportunity to try out gNappies a few months back 
and wanted to show them to you all.
When you buy gNappies you basically buy reusable covers 
and then you choose between cloth or disposable inserts.

This is what the disposable inserts look like.

The gNappies come in lots of colours for either boys or girls.

The gPant (gNappy cover) comes with a waterproof  pouch.

The gNappies come in 3 sizes - small, medium and large

My boy was very comfortable in the gNappies!

They're not too bulky and a great fit. 
My son weighed around 13.4 kg here and was wearing size Medium.

Have a look at the gNappies website for more details and to buy your own cloths!


Ali Clifford said...

What a sweet review! your son looks very comfy in his gNappies! :-)

Milena Jaros said...

Thank you for your kind comment :)

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