Monday, 11 November 2013

CYBEX Pallas 2 review

Group 1/2/3 car seat
9-36 kg
installed with the car's 3-point seat belt

Linear Side-Impact Protection pads on each side of the Pallas 2

Adjustable safety cushion

3 position reclining headrest (patented)

11-position height-adjustable headrest

Here the headrest is in the highest position

Installed in our BMW 7 series E65

Here the Pallas 2 is in it's reclined position

The CYBEX Pallas 2 looks and feels very high quality. 
I loved the fabrics and how well padded seat is. 

The installation in the car couldn't be easier. We did find we had to use a seat protector mat to keep the Pallas 2 from slipping on our leather seats. With the mat it was a very secure fit. I have to admit it's not exactly easy to buckle the seat belt over the child and the impact cushion but I think it's just something you need to get used to and to find your own way of doing. My son enjoyed this part as he could pull my hair whilst I was making sure the seat belt wasn't twisted :)

The impact cushion is only used for a child from 9-18 kg. 
When used as a group 1 seat the Pallas 2 is very upright even when reclined. I wouldn't put a younger child in it because of how upright it is. A young child cannot support their head very effectively thus making the headrest useless. My son's head fell forward onto the safety cushion each time he fell asleep in the car, the headrest would give his head no protection in an impact in this position. He also felt quite restrained whilst in the seat and couldn't drink or eat easily which meant more stops on our way. 

I think the safety cushion is a great idea for children who dislike harnesses and it's definitely safer for those little escape artists. Thankfully my son loves being in the car no matter what seat he is in. I think that a safety cushion car seat could be a nice alternative for some children but it's one of those seats you need to try with your child before you buy.

The CYBEX Pallas 2 changes to a group 2-3 seat by removing the safety cushion and the base. It actually turns into a CYBEX Solution X2 for an older child

One thing I wasn't expecting is how wide the Pallas 2 is at the child's shoulder's height. It takes more than just one seat in the car making the middle seat unusable for another car seat or for an adult to sit comfortably. This is important when you need to be able to transport more than one child. 
I also found out that I had to adjust the headrest of the rear seat in our car to the highest position to allow a safe installation of the Pallas 2. Unfortunately this would only work for a short time as the headrest in our car cannot be removed and would be pushing the Pallas 2 forward, away from the seat back when our son gets taller. Many newer cars have this problem making the use of a high back booster unsafe for an older child. We still have a few years until this becomes a real issue when our son is ready for a high back booster.  

Please check CYBEX website for more details and instructional video.

I'd like to thank CYBEX for letting me try the Pallas 2 with my son. We really enjoyed the testing!

Please check my previous posts for more photos of the CYBEX Pallas 2.

I received the car seat for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.


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The CYBEX Pallas 2 looks and feels very high quality. ...

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