Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Obaby Atlas Sport Plus CamperVan review

Obaby Atlas is a simple umbrella stroller. Very lightweight and easy to push on pavements. When we had the Atlas, my son was 8 months old and we were going on our first holidays. We didn't want to drag our whole travel system with us on the plane so we bought what everyone else seemed to be using - umbrella stroller. It was a bargain and looked good - always a bonus.

Both my husband and I actually liked it. The handles weren't adjustable but were at a comfortable height.
The shopping basket was rather small which is standard on this type of strollers. I could fit the raincover in and a couple of drinks but it was enough for our needs.

The canopy was small and too high up the frame to shade my son.
The recline was a little tricky as you had to depress 2 buttons underneath the seat so that both sides would recline at the same time. It was much easier to push the seat back up though.

What we didn't like was what our son looked like when he was in the Obaby Atlas. He was always slumped and even though he didn't complain we felt he wasn't comfortable in it for longer periods of time. The harness was too big for him, shoulder straps too high.

The Obaby Atlas is suitable from 3 months and in the fully reclined position I guess it would be fine for a young baby but in the upright position the seat wasn't supportive enough. It would be better for an older child though. All in all the Obaby Atlas was great for the holidays and for occasional use. We were very pleased with it.

I wasn't paid for this review. All opinions are my own.


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