Friday, 30 August 2013

JJ Cole Toddler BundleMe Footmuff Review
The JJ Cole BundleMe comes in 2 sizes, one smaller for younger babies up to about a 1 year and the next one, bigger for up to 3 years. It's quite a universal fit although can be too tall for some buggies. I have successfully used it on Out'n'About Nipper V2 (the back of the footmuff was way too tall but I folded it away behind the Nipper's seat) and Uppababy Vista (much better fit although still a little too tall for the Vista's seat).

The JJ Cole BundleMe comes in a range of colours but I found them to be hard to find in stores. I managed to get my hands on a navy one, it was this or pink :)

The JJ Cole BundleMe is made of the softest, coziest fleece ever :) On the outside looks like velvet and on the inside like an incredibly soft sheepskin :)

My boy loves his and slept soundly in it many times over. He never overheated in it like in some others we've had. It also makes a lovely liner when you unzip the top. There's 2 zips on each side of the BundleMe. What I did is to unzip each zip a little and fold it away, under my son's feet when we went inside to a store or similar.

The BundleMe is very easy to use, there's velcro openings on the back of the footmuff so you don't have to unthread the harness on a pushchair. Quick and easy! Literally takes seconds.

Did I mention how smart the BundleMe looks?

I wasn't paid for this review. All opinion are my own.


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