Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Babystyle Oyster Plush Review

We bought the Oyster Plush as I missed having my son parent facing and let's face it, it looked gorgeous. Lightweight, decent sized shopping basket, large sun canopy, reversible seat, leather covered height adjustable handle, folded with the seat in either direction, great quality fabrics... What more would you want?
First impressions were absolutely positive.

 So why didn't we keep it? The front wheels buckled underneath the pushchair when pushed down kerbs. They looked like they would snap off every time they hit a crack in the pavement.
This wasn't the reason though, I still wanted to keep the Oyster as a second pushchair because I liked the look of it so much.

What made me sell it was the seat unit. The Oyster's seat can be shut close for folding like an actual oyster shell which means there's a sort of hump where the backrest meets the bottom of the seat. It's hard enough to explain but it makes a child slump in the seat. An older child won't be able sit upright in it. My son was 10 months when we had the Oyster and he hated sitting in it. He just couldn't get comfortable. It would have been perfect for when he was little but not at the age where he wanted to see everything and sit as upright as possible.

There was another thing that bothered my son and that was the sun canopy. It couldn't be pushed back, it was always half opened and blocking his view.

I liked the idea of the insect net being hidden away in the footrest but kind of feel it would be more useful to have the raincover stored there instead as to this day I've never needed an insect net for Jacob.

I wish the Oyster was better for us as I still miss it!

I wasn't paid for this review. All opinions are my own.


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