Friday, 3 November 2017

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle 
Luxury Collection and Year of the Monkey

- stunning looks
- new smaller and easier fold which makes a lot of a difference
- fantastic suspension
- huge basket
- big canopy
- easy infinite recline
- height adjustable handlebar
- bumper bar included in the price
- handbrake
- large seat that will easily take an older child
- new fabrics available to buy separately when you fancy a change or have a new baby 
- seat lays flat for a newborn or you can purchase a soft cot or a carrycot to use from birth
- travel system available with the addition of car seat adapters.

- new canvas fabrics fade much quicker, especially the navy on the nautical collection, thankfully Mountain Buggy's service is as always spot on and sent us new fabrics to replace the faded ones
- bumper bar doesn't swivel open and can be pushed up and down but the child, makes a great toy!
- handlebar and the whole pushchair are rather tall, definitely one to try out before buying if you're on the shorter side
- raincover an extra as usual but is of great quality
- shoulder pads slip off constantly and are very easy to loose
- 5 point harness comes in 5 separate pieces, can be tricky to get the child strapped in and may encourage the use of just hip straps which isn't the safest option.

Final thoughts:
The Urban Jungle ended up being our last pushchair and I'd put it on the very top of my Top 5 pushchairs list. It's absolutely incredible and the changes Mountain Buggy made in the 2015 version are fantastic. The smaller fold makes a world of a difference in itself. The seat is big, the basket huge and the pushchair can take you anywhere you'd wish to go. Even my husband commented that this was by far our best pram ever and that says a lot!
I do wish the fabrics didn't fade so easily but I replaced them with the special edition Year of the Monkey fabrics and fell in love with them instantly. It was like having a whole new pushchair!
Yes the price is fairly high and the accessories are extra but the quality speaks volumes and I'd buy another one in a heartbeat if we ever need a pushchair again!

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